Hamilton County's 100 Men in 2018 Campaign

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Prevail’s Mission

Prevail, Inc. educates and engages the community to prevent crime and abuse while helping restore the lives of those who have been affected.

Who We Are

Prevail, Inc. is dedicated to serving victims of crime and abuse in a confidential, supportive, non-judgmental environment that is meant to empower, educate and strengthen those we serve. By offering these life-saving services, free of charge, we help people move forward and give hope for a life free of violence and fear.

About the 100 Men Campaign

The 100 Men Campaign invites good men to stand with Prevail to prevent violence and abuse by demonstrating positive behaviors and attitudes for Hamilton County kids. 

Good men build strong communities, and strong communities prevent violence

Why We Need You

As we continue to serve thousands of people, we realize our mission can be accomplished only if good and generous individuals – our supporters – make it happen.

Participation in the 100 Men Campaign is simple—the level of commitment is up to you.


Each individual will be expected to commit to their role for the entire calendar year and make a yearly contribution of $100

  • Pledge can be split into monthly payments
  • Contribution can be designated for any combination of 100 men projects

Team Members are required to:

  • Volunteer at one or more 100 Men projects

Planning Committee Members are required to:

  • Attend quarterly planning meetings with Prevail staff
  • Select project captains for the upcoming year
  • Make a concerted effort to volunteer at each 100 Men project throughout the year

Project Assistants are required to:

  • Assist Project Captains with planning, including but not limited to soliciting donations, recruiting volunteers, and promoting events
  • Make a concerted effort to volunteer at each 100 Men project throughout the year

Project Captains are required to:

  • Plan and develop a community-based project to address a risk factor of violence with Prevail staff’s input
  • Secure a minimum of 100 unique donations to support the project
  • Communicate regularly with Prevail staff via email, phone, and in-person meetings
  • Make a concerted effort to volunteer at each 100 Men project throughout the year

More Information

If you have any questions please contact:

Kelly Growden, Prevail’s Primary Prevention Coordinator
Ph 317.773.6942

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 Every kid needs champions. Join the 100 Men team.

If you feel strongly about integrity, healthy relationships, values, self-worth and if you have a heart for local kids, this is the team for you. You will link arms with the other men in the community and Prevail, Inc., Hamilton County’s advocate for victims of crime and abuse, to help create a positive community.

Our Current Project:

Chalk It Up: Chalk Art Contest

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Kids receive chalk and a sidewalk space at Federal Hill Commons in Noblesville to let their creativity loose. This is a free event for kids Pre-K to 12th grade. The 100 Men will facilitate this event and pick the winning artwork. Be a volunteer for this event and join the 100 Men to bring this event to our community.