Noblesville Takes the WIN!

We are pleased to announce that the 18th Annual City vs County Bowl-A-Thon Challenge exceeded our goals! Thanks to the competitive spirit and passion the bowlers have for Prevail, the event raised over $26,000!! This amount exceeds our 2018 goal by more than $3,000 and was an increase over 2017 by more than $5,000!

The credit goes entirely to the bowlers who competed against one another to see who could raise the most for Prevail!

The City took the trophy back from the County knocking down 36,575 pins to the County's 34,528.

Top Scoring Teams

The first place City team was "Odd Balls" from the Noblesville Police Department with 3,062 pins. 

The top scoring County team was "Rowdy Rollers" from the Hamilton County Judicial Center with 2,688 pins

Top Fundraisers

Sean Bauer, from the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office, edged out Noblesville Parks Director Brandon Bennett by raising $4,360 to Brandon's $4,350! Charlie Jones (Retired Noblesville Police Officer) raised $1,900 for third place. Honorable mentions were Ed Gebhart from the Fishers Police Department and Stephanie Ruggles from the Hamilton County Judicial Center both raising $1,300.

Charlie Jones Hustle

The bowler with the most transactions for the event is also recognized. This award is named after long time bowler, Charlie Jones in honor of the amount of people he would reach through the event.

This year we had a tie! With a total of 34 transactions each, Sean Bauer and Kathy Ransford (Hamilton County Probation Department).

Best Use of Theme

We had some REALLY creative team names and themes this year! But, it was voted that The Holy Rollers from Hamilton County Probation were the most creative!

Statement Release from Indiana Attorney General


Monday, October 10, 2016



"In battling all forms of sexual violence, too many men still engage in destructive talk that dehumanizes women, treating them as objects. And too many others, including myself, have failed to stand up and hold ourselves accountable and stop hiding behind so-called ‘Locker Room Talk’.  It is time for us to all be better men and to teach our sons to respect women through both our actions and words, no matter where or in what venue they are used."

-Greg Zoeller, Indiana Attorney General 

Prevail's Assistant Director, Michelle Corrao Selected as Torch Bearer for Hamilton County!

We are proud to share that Prevail’s own Assistant Director, Michelle Corrao, has been selected as a torchbearer to carry Indiana’s Bicentennial Torch in Hamilton County! We are so proud and excited for her to have a place in this celebration!

She would love to have support along her route. She will be carrying the torch on Thursday, October 13 from Monon Trail & Carmel Drive, south of the tunnel to Center Green at the Palladium. She will receive the torch at approximately 3:30 and there is a “Celebration Station” at the Palladium when she arrives at approximately 3:50-4:15.

The Hamilton County section of the torchbearer relay will end at the County Judicial Center at approximately 7:20 PM and there will be a celebration there, as well.
Michelle would love to see you along her route cheering for her!

For more information please visit:

BicentennialTorchRun Map 1l

Featured in "The Examiner" ICIAFN and Indiana ENA Foresnic Committee Quarterly Newsletter

By Brittany Winebar, Youth Advocacy Supervisor

Here what survivors say about group:

“Everything I was missing – strength, courage, forgiveness, empowerment, trust, friendship, boundaries, that it’s not my fault.” (Adult survivor)

“I learned it’s OK to feel that way I do and that it’s going to be a long road before everything is 100% but I will get there.” (Adult survivor)
“I learned that I can and will overcome the abuse that happened to me. I feel more like a survivor than a victim now.” (Adult survivor)
“That I am not to blame. Self-respect. Setting boundaries. What a healthy relationship consists of.” (Adult survivor)

“Hey Girl! So you are in this room right now and probably scared half to death. Group is great. You learn so much if you just talk. They can give you answers and you are not alone! In this group, they just want to make you feel like you have some people in this crazy world just like you! I know you may have days that your like why am I even trying , but I’m telling you right now that you have a reason to be here, and trust me you will get through this! Keep your head held high, you got this!” (Teen survivor in advice letter)

“Hello Beautiful. Having a rough first group? Yeah, it’s okay. I’ve been there, too. Even thought it may be awkward right now, I promise you it gets to be better and you create a bond with the girls in this room that will never be replicated again. This is your safe place. Here you can scream, cry, laugh, anything you need. I promise it’s not all depressing feelings and shit. You won’t just sit in a circle and cry and tell your feelings. You will be able to express yourself through many different activities and have endless opportunities to group. I won’t like, some days will be emotionally rough, but it’s okay. You know why? Because you have a group of people who know what you’re feeling and they are there to support you no matter what. BELIEVE YOU CAN AND YOU WILL.” (Teen survivor in advice letter)

“Our child has re-emerged! We are a family again and she is living in the now and able to plan a future.” (Parent of a child survivor)
“Group has taught my child she is not alone and has given her support. It has given us hope that it does get better day by day. The support and information for parents is extremely valuable to be able to help your child.” (Parent of a teen survivor)

                                                                    Agree or Strongly Agree
Learned about community resources                              100%
Know more ways to plan for safety                                100%
Helped with ability to deal with my trauma                       98%
Feel better able to handle my life                                   100%
Have a stronger support network                                    98%
Advocate understands                                                   98%
Co-facilitator understands                                              98%
Increased knowledge and understanding of my trauma    100%

Prevail provides psychoeducational support groups for children (ages 6-12), adolescents (ages 13-18), and adults (ages 18+). Support group is a supportive, engaging and fun environment for survivors to explore how to cope with trauma. Our support groups include talk, the use of games, and arts/crafts for the survivors to interact with while they learn. Our service dog, Odle, attends several of the youth support groups at Prevail. All participants must have an intake prior to attending. In our sexual assault groups for children, we ask that the non-offending parent(s)/guardian(s) also attend.
Many people who have participated in group will say that in group they finally learned, “I am not alone.” Though they may know it in their head, it is different to hear and see their peers expressing the same thoughts and feelings. A common result of participating in group is improvement in individual appointments or counseling. Youth who may have been reluctant to engage on an individual level often are more willing to engage on a group level. Though at first people may feel nervous about attending group, they often find it easier to engage with the material in a group where they do not have to be the center of attention, unlike an individual session. Group also allows peers to challenge and encourage each other. Peers can speak into each others’ lives in a unique way that people in authority may not be able to.
For more information about group, please see our website or call at 317-773-6942.