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Prevail Receives Support from The Thomas P. and Sondra D. Sheehan Charitable Foundation

Prevail is excited to announce that we are once again humbled to receive the support of The Thomas P. and Sondra D. Sheehan Charitable Foundation, a partner of Hamilton County Community Foundation. 

This gift will be used to continue to provide critical support, but in a new way.

Prevail services provide hope and healing to children who have experienced trauma. The partnership with the Sheehan Family Fund over the past three years has resulted in an increased capacity to
meet youth survivor’s needs, and to provide additional support to youth who have experienced sexual assault and abuse.


More about Prevail's Youth Services:

Prevail meets the needs of young children through the implementation of trauma-informed support. That involves creating safety, regulating the nervous system, building a connected relationship, supporting the development of a coherent narrative, practicing empowerment, building social emotional and resiliency skills, and fostering post-traumatic growth. Following this trauma-informed model allows children space for restoration after an experience with trauma.

Click Here For more information about Prevail's Youth Services.

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