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Hope for a home: Hamilton County Council funds design phase for county’s first domestic violence shelter

Thank you to the Noblesville Current for covering this story! Original article can be found by clicking here!

The COVID-19 pandemic led to increases of many kinds, including the amount of alcohol consumed, time spent with family and, unfortunately, the number of deaths associated with domestic violence.

In Hamilton County in 2020, there were eight deaths associated with domestic violence compared to none the previous year.

The statistic prompted the Hamilton County Council to approve $14,000 for design of a domestic violence shelter, an idea that’s been discussed — but not funded — for more than 20 years. RQAW, a Fishers engineering and architectural firm, is designing the project. Prevail is based in Noblesville, where it provides support services to victims of domestic violence.


“This is always something we’ve looked at, but we would go look for land and then it would die off,” Glynn said. “This year, I was the liaison for Prevail and I wanted to keep pushing it along, and if we keep pushing it along it’ll get done. I think this is long overdue. There’s no need for a county of our size and our affluency to send people to Madison or Marion county. This is something we can all agree needs to get done.”

RQAW plans to incorporate biophilic design into the shelter, meaning it would be constructed to maximize connectivity to nature for occupants. Ferguson said a biophilic design will be used because of nature’s healing properties.

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