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Justin Growden 100 Men Campaign Committee Member

June 2018 Blog Post

Justin GrowdenI can remember my earliest childhood memories of meeting adults and thinking they knew everything about anything.   I was instantly drawn to them and asked many questions about whatever they were doing at that moment.  It’s the little things that I remember most.  Spending hours in the garage with my dad, tinkering with my first car.  The Scout Master that incessantly encouraged me to earn my rank as an Eagle Scout.  The soccer coach that helped me turn my boundless energy into solid fundamentals.  The incredibly patient teacher that stayed after school with me while I figured out long division. Now, at 37 years old, I look back and realize how crucial those positive interactions were as they influenced my childhood and helped make me who I am today. 

The world can be a harsh place, and I’ve experienced firsthand the difference a solid support system can have when things go wrong.  The 100 Men Campaign strengthens our community, enabling our kids and our neighbors to feel safe, connected, and supported.  100 Men empowers good-hearted men to make a positive impact in their community by serving as strong role models for young people, while also encouraging other men to step up to reduce violence in our community.  This campaign is so powerful because of its ability to shape the future of our community through simple actions so we can all live a better life.

Being a part of 100 Men isn’t hard or complicated.  It means being there for the people around us.  It means doing the right thing, even when we think no one is watching.  It means modeling healthy and respectful relationships.  It means investing our time and talents in the well-being of others.  It means building a strong community that embraces its members, empowers the vulnerable, and helps each other thrive. 

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