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Honoring Det. Brett Bays During National Police Week!

Prevail, Inc. would like to recognize Det. Brett Bays.Prevail, Inc. would like to recognize Det. Brett Bays. For over a year, Det. Bays diligently, intentionally, and collaboratively worked a case that led to adjudication of over 15 years of jail time. The survivor had a complicated relationship with the offender and it was hard for them to fully resolve this conflict between the friendship they had with the offender and the abuse that occurred. From the beginning, Det. Bays was always available for the family and communicated thoroughly throughout the whole process. He showed up for the hearings and always spent time talking with the family. Furthermore, he was openly communicative and worked with the prosecutor and advocate that was supporting the family. In preparation for trial, Det. Bays traveled, out of county, with Jessica Paxson, the prosecutor, and Brittany Winebar, the advocate, to meet with the family. He reinforced that he was there for the survivor. He did not have to make that time commitment, but he wanted to the survivor to know that they had all of us there for them. In talking with the family, they felt like he kept them fully informed, was always available to taketheir calls, never giving them the brush off, and really cared about what had happened. As an advocate, I find that it is crucial to the survivor’s healing that the officer really fought for them, no matter the outcome. The success of this case was due in large part to Det. Bays’ investigative skills, follow-through, and communication. Our community is better off because of who he is, what he did, and how he did it.

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