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December Blog Post ~ 'Tis the Season for Giving!

We get it, it’s the end of the year and your mailbox (both virtual and physical) is about to be loaded with heartfelt end of the year asks. Each organization is out there, doing some good for the world and it’s hard to support everyone. There’s no doubt each one put a lot of time into the mailer and each one is in need of your support.

First of all, if Prevail’s is one that you take the time to read, THANK YOU and if it is one you choose to support, THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES! A gift from YOU saves lives and moves all of us towards a more positive change in our community; but not all gifts are financial. It is a gift to be able to share our story with you.  The time you give to us while volunteering or touring and by using your voice to share our FREE resources with those neighbors who may need them is a priceless gift.  We appreciate everything our community does to help spread Prevail’s mission to the ears, eyes and hearts of others.

If you do choose to support Prevail financially, there are many convenient ways to do so. Monthly or reoccurring gifts are a huge help to Prevail and make giving simple for you! YOU have the control in the amount, frequency, and method that your gift is provided to our agency. Three of the most common ways to set up a reoccurring gift are through your company, through the United Way, and of course through Prevail directly.

Through your company:

Some companies offer an automatic payroll deduction and a few will also MATCH your contribution to your favorite not-for-profit. Your HR office should be able to tell you if they offer a way to give directly from your paycheck and if they match your gift.

Through United Way:

Another way to give, if your company does not offer a direct paycheck withholding is through the United Way. Simply complete the designation form and designate “Prevail, Inc.”.  This may be a separate form from the one used to make your pledge.  Ask your company’s United Way representative for information on how to designate your contribution to a particular charity.  Minimums may apply.

Directly through Prevail:

The last (and still very simple way) to give is directly to Prevail. We are able to set up monthly, annual, or any type of reoccurring/one time gift to the agency through your preferred credit card for any amount over $10.00 USD per month.  You may set up your gift own your own through our website (www.prevailinc.org) or by contacting our office directly at (317) 773-6942 or email Natasha Robinson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We are happy to help in any way we can!

Thanks to all of you, 2018 has been an outstanding year for Prevail both in the amount of client’s we have served and the lives we have touched outside of the Prevail office. We are looking forward to 2019, and the possibility of reaching community members before they experience a crime or abuse. With your help, we will be able to do just that! Together we can build a safer and healthier community.

Warm wishes this holiday season to everyone in my community,

Natasha Robinson

Marketing & Event Coordinator

Prevail, Inc.

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