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Prevail is dedicated to serving victims of crime and abuse in a confidential, supportive, non-judgmental environment that is meant to empower, educate and strengthen those we serve.  By offering these life-saving services, free of charge, we help people move forward – to give hope for a life free of violence and fear – to provide care and understanding in crisis – to help make an easier path in facing life’s challenges. Prevail seeks to make positive change happen – in individuals and families, in our communities, and in our social systems.

2016 Prevail Highlights: 

  • In 2016, Prevail expanded youth services by adding an additional Youth Advocate to accommodate the increase in the number of children seeking services through our youth programming. This addition brings our youth team to four on-site staff, in addition to the Safe Dates facilitator.
  • Prevail continues to focus on Primary Prevention of domestic violence and sexual violence with two primary initiatives:
    • We are teaching and encouraging The Search Institute’s Developmental Assets Developmental Assets, which are based on research demonstrating the characteristics, skills, behaviors, and attitudes that help young people become successful adults. Research shows that kids with a higher number of assets perform better in school, are more engaged better in school, are more engaged in their community, and are less likely to engage in risk in their community, and are less likely to engage in risk-taking behaviors.
    • The 100 Men Campaign invites good men to stand with Prevail to prevent violence and abuse by demonstrating positive behaviors for Hamilton County kids.
    • Prevail has partnered with each of Hamilton County’s eight law enforcement agencies to implement the Lethality Assessment Protocol with those first responders who are likely to meet victims of domestic violence on scene when a crime occurs. The project provides a defined protocol for when to do the assessment and what to do with the results. The intent of this screening is to connect victims at high risk of danger to service providers.
  • In 2016, Prevail piloted a new support group for teen victims of sexual assault in partnership with Carmel Civic Theater. An acting instructor works alongside a Prevail advocate to teach participants confidence and assertiveness through acting practices regarding the use of body, space, and voice along with some improvisational techniques.
  • Prevail continues to provide up to 12 different support groups per week. We recognize that many victims of domestic and sexual abuse feel very alone in their experience. Support groups help them to connect to others with similar experiences so they feel less isolated and alone. We facilitate groups for children, adolescents, and adults. 2016 saw an Advocating for Victims of Crime and Abuse Advocating for Victims of Crime and Abuse almost 10% increase in group attendance over the previous year.
  • Click here to view our 2016 Informational Brochure (pdf)

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